These came out so well! I really love them! I'm so excited to submit them for auditions, thanks so much. Update: Thanks again for the photos, I've had multiple audition requests using them and my acting coaches were very complimentary of them! Hope all is going well with you and I can't wait to work with you again!

Kyah Thomas, acting student in New York City

Finally got to sit down and go thru the pics. I've been getting headshots for decades and pretty critical and have got to say, these are fantastic! Really like the different lighting setups, the different backgrounds. As I was telling you before, going for that kinda playful smirk and found several I like. Gonna be tough narrowing it down.

John Branch, stuntman, actor, Atlanta, Georgia


I love these!! They're absolutely wonderful!! Thank you so much! You've done an incredible job as always. 

Ed Schwartz, actor, Columbus, Ohio


Thank you so much!! We love them!! These really capture my son's personality, and are as authentic to who he is as they are professional."

Julie Otten, on the actor headshots of her sons, Toby and Elliot Hattemer


Cynthia DeGrand is a great photographer. She makes me look my best. I've had headshots done in New York and LA, but my best pics were taken by Cynthia.

Amy Drake, Drake Theatrical, playwright, actress, director, Columbus/New York City


Awesome, thanks! Would not have trusted anyone but you to photograph her.

Gwen Edwards, Executive Director, State of the Arts Productions, on photos of her granddaughter Lynnix Price


I just want to say thank you for sharing your great talent with me. Just from my headshot alone has gotten me multiple auditions and I also have signed with PCG Talent. I will be contacting you in the future to come in for another headshot. Again thank you very much for making me feel comfortable and welcome. Forever grateful.

Daniel Andre Johnson, actor, Columbus, Ohio


This is SO GOOD! You're amazing. Thanks so much!

Julie Starcher, on the actor headshot of her daughter Amelia Starcher


Oh Cynthia! These are WONDERFUL! We had a GREAT time too!!

Erin Christie, on actor headshots of her daughters Claire and Jillian Christie


My husband needed a portrait photo for a job application, Cynthia did a fantastic job. It was the first time my husband had a photo session and we have to say that we really enjoyed our time there. Cynthia is kind and lovely, she made us feel super comfortable and relaxed, she is a genius with the posture and the lights. You can see that she knows exactly what she is doing and her passion is reflected in her photos. We highly recommend her! We are grateful and more than satisfied with her job!  :)

Carolina Fanin


Thank you so much! The final photos look great!

Julie Carney, actress, Columbus, Ohio


Cynthia has a great sense of humor, puts you at ease, takes care with tweaking lighting and poses to get just right, and allows you to be natural at the same time. I took one of my headshots to my first audition and the director commented - great picture! Thanks, Cynthia, for bringing out the best in me.

Deb Shaw, actress, Columbus, Ohio


Doing a photo session with Cynthia is great because she has a passion for photography. Every time she picks up the camera she is looking to get something great out of it. I am a musician and I have used her pictures for my portfolio. I have done concerts all around the world, and for the promotion and marketing, normally the pictures being used are pictures taken by Cynthia. One of the pictures from a shoot years a go was up at a mall in Poland, Europe last year!! It was marketing for a gospel concert that I did there.

Abraham Kenner, musician, singer, songwriter, Columbus and internationally


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