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Jack Miller(non-registered)
Every two years the Peace Corps group with which I served in the late 1960s has a reunion. This time it was at our house in Minneapolis, and Cynthia was there for the three days of festivities, taking photos to commemorate the event, which was attended by twenty out-of-town visitors. So unobtrusively friendly was she that everyone soon forgot that she was snapping photos. There was no awkwardness whatsoever. The resulting product, a disc of 113 shots that went out to each person, was splendid. The pictures were inventive, they included groups, couples, and individuals in a host of settings, and they uncannily captured the personality of everybody, each of whom I have known for over forty-five years. These discs will be valued by us all as an extraordinary representation of a moment in time. I'm grateful to Cynthia for her superb work.
Debbie Shaw(non-registered)
I already knew Cynthia as a friend and that she was a good photographer. However, I learned how GREAT she is when working with you in the studio. She has a great sense of humor, puts you at ease, takes care with tweaking lighting and poses to get just right, and allows you to be natural at the same time. I took one of my headshots to my first audition and the director commented - great picture! Thanks, Cynthia, for bringing out the best in me.
Susan Ritchie
I recommend Cynthia highly. I needed a photo for my book cover, and I am no natural friend to the camera. She set me at ease immediately. Her photos are beautiful, but also very human (I felt like I looked absolutely like myself). My editor and the publisher's design team also praised the photos.
Rich Wilson(non-registered)
Cynthia made me feel comfortable and helped me to relax and be myself in front of the camera. She also gave me an opportunity to have fun and cut loose. I have received many compliments for the head shots that I had printed from our shoot, and I have recommended Cynthia to anyone who is looking to have their head shots taken.
Linda Feltz
Cynthia's portraits stand out because they display the unique personality of the individual. Her warm and engaging nature makes this possible as clients are put at ease (and can actually have fun) during a photo session, allowing a bit of their true selves to emerge. Cynthia is one of the best at uncovering what's beautiful in a person and capturing it, and her portrait collection is stunning because of it. She has taken portraits of both of our young adult children. Her portraits are treasures.
Abraham Kenner III(non-registered)
Doing a photo session with Mrs. Degrand is great because she has a passion for photography. Every time she picks up the camera she is looking to get something great out of it. I am a musician and I have used her pictures for my portfolio. I have done concerts all around the world, and for the promotion and marketing, normally the pictures being used are pictures taken by Cynthia. One of the pictures from a shoot years a go was up at a mall in Poland, Europe last year!! It was marketing for a gospel concert that I did there.
Mara Fojas(non-registered)
I went to Cynthia for some headshots and pregnancy photos. I got those and so much more! My son and husband came in at the end of the shoot and she incorporated them into some fabulous shots as well. It is four years later and I use those headshots for everything I do. She has a wonderful range from professional to whimsical - and I'm delighted to say that I got some of it all!
Alexandra Reynolds(non-registered)
I have enjoyed working with Cynthia many times.
A couple series of her photos of my work won me a national sewing competition and a spot for print in THREADS Magazine!
Anisa Kline(non-registered)
Cynthia's portraits of me made me feel the most beautiful I'd felt in years. She is patient, talented and easy to work with. I look forward to using her for family portraits in the years to come!
Susan Wilson(non-registered)
Cynthia is an amazing, creative photographer! With years of expertise, she cleverly captures the essence of her subject matter. Diligent and dependable she will get the job done! Thanks Cynthia!
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