Cynthia DeGrand Photographer | About


I took my first actor headshots in New York City during a college photo internship, and loved it! My previous city newspaper photo internships served me well to photograph people, and shooting in a studio gave me the opportunity to explore lighting, another passion. It would be another several years, working as a freelance photographer for Indiana University, before I got to work with theatre actors on a regular basis. But when I did, I knew I had found my niche. 

My husband and I moved to Columbus, Ohio in 1990. Two years later our first son was born, his brother was born a couple years later, and my life was all about raising two boys.  I returned to my photo career in 2011 and have been photographing actors and local theatre ever since!



Volunteer CAPA usher 2011- present

Independent Member of Theatre Roundtable 2014 - present