Actor Anthony Nicholson


Need a headshot for an upcoming audition?


What you need to know, the basics:

  • Headshot I: 15-20 minutes, white background, is $90 ($75 for students), and includes one retouched image.
  • Headshot II: 35-45 minutes, white background and black background, is $135 ($120 for students) and includes two retouched images.
  • Headshot III: 60-90 minutes, three background colors, $180 ($165 for students) and includes three retouched images.
  • Additional images are available for a $15 retouching fee.
  •  8x10 prints are available for $6 each for the first print, $3.00 for additional copies of the same image.
  • Professional make-up appointments last 30-60 minutes and are available for an extra fee.
  • See my "Actor headshots" gallery on the Portfolios page for examples of my work.
  • See "Actor Headshot Q&A" for tips on how to prepare: Actor Headshot Q&A
  • My studio is located near the Ohio State University campus.
  • Weekend, weekday, and weeknight appointments available.


 Contact me at or 614-264-5492 and let's set up a session!